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Saluqi Invitational – February 18-20 – Updated as of February 17

Friday February 18, 2022

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12:00    Webster University       vs         Piedmont College         9          USA Stadium    NCAA D3

12:00    Olney Central College    vs         St Charles CC                7          USA #2             JUCO

12:00    Jackson State CC           vs         East Mississippi CC        9          USA #3             JUCO

12:00    Bryant & Stratton          vs         Iowa Central CC             7          USA #4             JUCO

2:30     Bryant & Stratton          vs         Olney Central College    7          USA #2             JUCO

2:30     Cleveland State CC        vs         Heartland College         7          USA #4             JUCO               

3:00     Wabash Valley              vs         Dyersburg State CC       9          USA #3             JUCO

3:30     East Mississippi CC        at         Southwest TN CC          9          USA Stadium     JUCO

5:00     Iowa Central CC             vs         Cleveland State CC        7          USA #2             JUCO

5:00     Heartland College         vs         St Charles CC                7          USA #4             JUCO

6:00     Ellsworth CC                 vs         Southwestern Illinois     9          USA #3             JUCO

Sat19-FebOlney Central College at Southwest TN CCUSA Stadium10:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebFontbonne University vs Chicago ConcordiaUSA #210:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebSt Charles CC vs East Mississippi CCUSA #310:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebSouthwestern Illinois vs Cleveland State CCUSA #410:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebIowa Central CC vs Jackson State CCUSA #510:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebIowa Central CC vs Lincoln Land CCUSA Stadium12:301 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebCleveland State CC vs Ellsworth CCUSA #512:301 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebMilwaukee Area vs Carl Albert CollegeUSA #21:301 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebSt Charles CC vs Wabash Valley CollegeUSA #31:301 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebEast Mississippi CC vs Bryant & StrattonUSA #41:301 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebCarl Albert College vs Wabash Valley CollegeUSA Stadium4:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebJackson State CC vs Olney Central CollegeUSA #24:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebEllsworth CC at Southwest TN CCUSA #34:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebLincoln Land CC vs Milwaukee AreaUSA #44:001 Game9 Inning
Sat19-FebBryant & Stratton vs Southwestern IllinoisUSA Stadium6:301 Game9 Inning
Sunday20-FebAugustana College vs Fontbonne UniversityUSA Stadium9:001 Game9 Inning
Sunday20-FebBryant & Stratton vs Lincoln Land CollegeUSA #310:002 Games7 Inning
Sunday20-FebDyersburg State CC vs Carl Albert CollegeUSA #211:001 Game9 Inning
Sunday20-FebWabash Valley College vs Ellsworth CCUSA #411:001 Game9 Inning
Sunday20-FebOlney Central College vs Milwaukee AreaUSA #511:001 Game9 Inning
Sunday20-FebSouthwestern Illinois at Southwest TN CCUSA Stadium1:001 Game9 Inning


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