Parent’s Page

NO PERSONAL COOLERS – We do NOT allow our guests to bring in personal coolers. Players may bring in a personal jug but we do not allow large coolers or any outside food to be brought into the park. Please pass this information along to your players and parents.

NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS – Please make sure your players understand the detriment that sunflower seeds have on turf. We simply cannot keep that clean so please pass that information on to your players and put a stop to players who insist on bringing sunflower seeds onto our fields.

GATE PRICES – We accept cards and cash at USA Stadium but our off-site facilities only accept cash. Please be sure to pass along this information to your players and their families.

All On-Site Gate Fee’s in February, March, April and May will be $7. Some organizations that play at our stadium pre-sale tickets and that is not regulated by us.

TSSAA will set their own gate prices.

We will have concessions at all of our games.