USA Stadium

Future Prospects Series

If you notice on our schedule, we have several tournaments that are either named or labeled “Future Prospect Series”. So, I decided to answer the question, “Just what is a Future Prospect Series” (FPS)?

First off, let’s get the dates settled, the first FPS is scheduled for April 14 – 16 for ages 13U and 14U. The second one is on tap for May 19 – 21 and it includes ages 13U and 14U as well.

The FPS has been developed to include every player on every team that wishes to participate in our FPS check up. It’s super simple and the details of the schedule will be released in plenty of time for parents and coaches to make arrangements to be at the stadium.

Once teams have gone through the metics of the FPS, the results of those metrics will be sent out to those players who performed well with information on where to find the national scouting events offered by Perfect Game. Again, this is a free service that is open to every player on every team and not an event where you are expected to pay for your player to attend.

The Future Prospect series is designed to identify top performing players for the purpose of notifying the National Scouting office for Perfect Game.

Coaches, if you aren’t registered for one of these tournaments and many others by visiting USA Stadium TN and finding the tournaments that are right for you and your team.