USA Stadium

Mid South Baseball Report

Coming Soon to USA Stadium – The Mid South Baseball Report

If you are a fan of baseball and you are constantly looking to learn about the players and teams on the youth level, the high school level, the JUCO level, the University level and the pro’s, then this is going to be the broadcast for you!   This is a CAN’T MISS opportunity for everyone to get to know our host.  I would say this guy is known by almost everyone in the world of baseball in the Memphis area but if you have missed this guy up til now, you are going to be pleasantly surprised, I’m sure of it.

The show goes live next week (possible show one date is November 1) and you will get to meet and greet the host of the Mid South Baseball Report!  Stay tuned for the exact launch of our broadcast.  Or sign up for our newsletter and you will get a personal announcement when the show goes live.



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