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Scouting Report


Started off the day with Cristian Bridges (2024, Southaven, MS). Bridges is a PG Top 1000 National player, 16th ranked player in MS, and the number 1 ranked OF in ‘24 class in MS. Bridges has the ability to be lethal on the bases. He executes a good drop step when stealing which allows him to get to his top speed faster and more efficiently. In the video posted he was at 3.8 seconds on a stolen base. Bridges was 3-6 on the weekend in seven PA’s. I look forward to seeing more of him, as he shows potential to be a pesky leadoff hitter that is hard to get out. His stature is on the smaller side, but he has plenty of room to grow.

Also got a chance to see Stephen Tolbert (2024, Southaven, MS), who sparked my interest with the bat. With hitters the first thing I see are the legs, and his load with the lower half was very quick and effective. His front foot goes up to down with no wasted movement, and he has the ability to strongly rotate his hips, when you pair that with his power in his back leg he has a chance to hit the ball hard on any contact. His swing is short and he keeps his hand inside the ball well with his head on target.

Cole Hillberry (2023, Madisonville, LA) was with the Northshore Gladiators. Hillberry went 3.2 IP with only 1 ER and 3 K’s. He located well with the FB, especially arm side. I think that adds value as an effective arm side fastball from a lefty can cause havoc for righties. He sat 75-78 topped at 79. His breaking ball was also effective missing bats at 65. I thought the velocity variation worked well for him. With some adjustments in his mechanics I would expect to see him make a huge jump in not only velocity, but success in general. More of a balance point and a more direct front side to the plate would be the first thing I would look at.

One of the teams that really impressed me was Old Hickory 18’s out of Nashville, TN. They had several talented players who seem to be working well with each other. The future is very bright for this organization.

The first player from this squad we are looking at is Mason Raffauf (2022, Culleoka, TN). In 4 IP he had 8 strikeouts and 0 ER. Raffauf was 78-80, topped at 82. His fastball was located extremely well, and for one of my several lefties I saw this weekend, his accuracy was second to none. He located arm side and glove side which forced a lot of hitters to be caught looking, and also played to his advantage with left handed and right handed hitters. His breaking ball was very tight and produced several backwards K’s. I liked his balance point and it allowed him to create a great down angle with his pitches. His fastball had life and his aggressive front side pull down created high spin.

Kadin Brandon (2022, Murfreesboro, TN), one of our better velocity/movement pitchers that I saw this weekend. Brandon had 3 IP with 6 strikeouts, no hits or runs allowed. Brandon was 76-80 with a heavy FB that topped at 80. While Brandon didn’t necessarily overpower with the fastball, his added arm side run seemed unhittable. His breaking ball was 68-70 and had 11-5 movement that was a great counter to his running fastball. He worked extremely quickly and filled the zone well, which made his three innings seem quick and effortless.

Joe Mullaney (2022, Murfreesboro, TN), was a player who’s swing looked very natural, and got my attention quickly. Mullaney had very quiet mechanics, limited wasted movement. His hand load was simple and he had minimal front foot involvement. What this allowed was a quick, explosive swing. He had quick hip rotation and a good top hand that allowed him to power through the zone. One downside to this swing is the possibility of being rushed. Over time I expect to see him settle in to his swing and do damage. The most impressive thing, however, wasn’t his swing, but his great hustle on a fly ball.

Ryan Murphy (2022, Clarksville, TN) was by far one of the most impressive arms of the weekend. Murphy is the 130th ranked player in TN, 49th ranked RHP in TN. The FB was 80-84 with a ton of life and arm side run. Add a wipeout slider to that at 70-72. His mechanics were extremely quick, “herky jerky”, but it definitely plays to his advantage, making his pitches very deceptive and giving the hitter no time to get comfortable in the box. In just 4 IP he produced nine strikeouts. Would love to see more of him in the future.

Camden Vaughn (2022, Chapel Hill, TN) was a catcher that was very athletic and showed good ability to play nearly anywhere on the diamond. He was 2-5 with five walks on the weekend, showing impressive plate discipline. In the clip above, Vaughn smokes a line drive to first, and I purposely kept the audio just to show the volume of the crack of the bat. His swing was powerful and his mechanics have a lot to do with it. Just like many professionals are beginning to do, he hangs his front foot load and applies good weight transfer from his back foot to his landing. The hanging front foot, or what could be considered a “leg kick” allows him to put a lot of weight behind each swing, and keeps him on time, regardless of what pitch is coming. He has a good front shoulder keeping it closed to the ball until he rotates and explodes through the ball. Head stays on target which prevents him from rotating or opening up too early which would cause a loss of momentum and power to the ball.

The Midsouth Gamers had a good collection of talent as well. They were among several teams worth watching this weekend, and just two weeks ago they were crowned champions of our 16U age division here at USA Stadium.

Let’s start with Brady Moffitt (2024, Germantown, TN). Moffitt is the 47th ranked player in TN, and 8th ranked RHP in TN for class of 2024. On the weekend he had 5 IP with only 1 ER and 4 strikeouts. His FB was 77-79 top at 79 with good life. There is much room to grow there, considering we have seen him slightly higher in past events. His BB was at 68 producing a strikeout in the video above. My favorite part of his motion was how deceptive he was with a loose arm action. Moffitt shows a very high baseball IQ and the ability to make adjustments on the fly. As he settled he managed to miss bats and keep hitters off balance.

Jordan Kirshbaum (2024, Germantown, TN) showed a high level of maturity in his swing that I really liked. If you see above, he has a good hand load, which he gets going early. He keeps his lower half simple with very little wasted movement. By doing this, his swing is quiet, keeping it efficient with little room for error. On top of all this he had a good tempo to the ball. The maturity level comes in with the tempo. One thing young hitters struggle with is making an adjustment to tempo mid-pitch. Kirshbaum shows here the ability to take his swing in motion and hold it off long enough to keep his momentum, and take the breaking ball to the opposite field; that’s something you don’t see often in hitters his age.

One of the most impressive arms of the weekend came from Prospects Black. His name is Elijah Young (2023, West Point, MS). Young had 4 IP with 12 strikeouts, no ER and no hits allowed. His FB was sitting 75-80 topped 82. It was very heavy with very good arm side run. He added a good BB to counter at 60-67, which seemed like a 12-6 break. With his size and mechanics, a changeup could make him very dangerous on the mound. He shows obvious room for development into a big time arm with his size at 6 foot 2 inches and 183 pounds at only 16 years old. Look for him to blossom in years to come, especially with good direction as he gets older.

Easton Barnett (2024, Smyrna, TN). Barnett went 5 IP, 8 strikeouts, only 1 hit and 1 ER. His FB was 74-79 topped 82. His mechanics were very fluid and the FB just seemed to explode out of the hand, locating very well all over outer edge. He threw a hard BB compared to what his FB was at 70. This caused some obvious issues with hitters, as a harder BB is something they aren’t accustomed to seeing very often. I love his mechanics and the power he posses with his lower half. Barnett utilizes a very quick rotation, which you can see with his trail leg whipping around almost involuntarily.

Davin Roush (2025, Spring Hill, TN) was one that really impressed me for a 14 year old. Roush has good ride out of the hand with the FB at 74-78, top 79. For a 2025 to touch 79 in the fall was very impressive to me. With this good FB he added a barrel missing slider, shown above on the first pitch. The slider was 67-70. He had solid mechanics with much more in the tank for the future. He had a great balance point that allowed him to collect himself before controllably exploding down the mound. Having strong legs already at this age with the mechanics he possess is the obvious reason for his impressive velocity.

Dean McCalla (2023, Collierville, TN) had a powerful fastball that comes effortlessly out of the hand. FB was 79-84 topped at 85. The FB was obviously troublesome for hitters as it seemed to blow by them. The BB he offered was a good change of speed at 70-75 which produced ground balls and missed bats. McCalla is the 45th ranked player in TN and 15th RHP in TN.


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