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Scouting Report


Ryan Neilson (2022, Collierville, Tenn.) of Wow Factor Baseball is ranked Top 1000 nationally, 79th in state of Tennessee. Neilson is a Perfect Game Grade 8. His fastball was 84-88. He showed a sharp slider to counter a heavy and overpowering fastball. My favorite part of his mechanics was the huge rotational energy he had with great front side glove action. You can see in the clip above the velocity comes from his ability to fire his hips, and his glove side keeps him square to his target and consistent with his delivery, while also utilizing his strong lower half to create a good downward angle on his pitches.

Mason Shropshire (2022, Collierville, Tenn.) a pitcher we have seen before. Mason is with Easley Baseball Club and first got my attention about two weeks ago. Last time I saw him he was up to 87, and this weekend he touched 90 and sat 87-89 with his fastball. His fastball is electric out of the hand, and if you watch the clip above you’ll see the breaking ball he adds to that is no joke. The upside with Mason is there, and in my opinion he is floating under the radar. He has been impressive on both occasions that I have seen him, and shows a ton of swagger on the mound. For a more detailed breakdown of his mechanics, check my last set of scout notes from two weeks ago right here: Mid-South Fall World Series Scout Notes | Perfect Game USA

Cayden Baker (2024, Olive Branch, Miss.) of Easley Baseball Club is the 424th ranked player nationally, and the 6th ranked player in MS. His fastball was 80-84 (up to 88 in previous Perfect Game events), with a breaking ball at 66-71. He featured a very loose arm action, and the fastball has good ride out of the hand. Another very talented underclassmen at only 15 years of age. His delivery is very defined, showing good mechanics that are very repeatable and simple, something that will help as he ages and has to adjust to a growing stature. In the clip above we see a really good balance point that is seemingly straight from top to bottom that rolls into a great push leg, glove side, and finish over the plant leg. This is what allows him to stay consistent with his path down the mound, while also allowing him to use every ounce of power he has.

Luke Romine (2025, Hernando, Miss.) of Easley Baseball Club was one of the more impressive underclassmen I saw this weekend. His fastball was 76-80 peaking at 81. For an athletic 15 year old with an already good build, the upside with Romine is there. He utilized a heavy dose of the fastball which proved to be successful early, thanks to his ability to command that pitch. The ability to establish that fastball from the jump was what I liked most. He had six strikeouts in six innings of work with only one hit allowed. He showed good use of quick twitch muscle action, utilizing random tempos of delivery to deceive hitters timing. His lower half was explosive as you can see that push leg whip around on release. As an additional plus, he even shows ability to field his position in the clip above.

Jordan Massey (2022, Arlington, Tenn.) of Wow Factor Baseball looked loose and explosive. His fastball was 78-82 (up to 86 in previous Perfect Game events) and was very electric out of the hand with good arm side run. He showed good endurance and stamina going seven complete innings. His breaking ball was much harder than you typically see at his age at 70-72 in comparison to his fastball. He produced 10 strikeouts with only one run allowed. He had a loose arm action with tons of arm speed through the delivery. He was quick down the mound moving extremely fast from the beginning of his delivery. Massey ranks 1816 nationally as a right-handed pitcher, and 61st in the state of Tennessee as a right-handed pitcher.